Hello everyone I am Abdulraham A Musa Passionate Data Scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligent (AI) Machine learning and predictive modelling in the Academic, Health and Humanitarian sectors   I have more than 6 years of experience collating primary and secondary data and analyzing and interpreting healthcare data for data-driven decision-making. I have a Proficient knowledge of statistics, research methods, monitoring and evaluation, and analytics. I am adept at receiving and monitoring data from multiple data streams, including Access, web survey platform ODK/Kobotool, DHI2, SQL, Business analytics and external data sources.

Our areas of expertise include:
-   Building R Shiny Dashboard
-   Business Analytics Dashboard (Power BI)
-   Training/Coaching on Data Analysis using the following
    -   R and Python program
    -   SPSS and Epi-Info software
-   Building of Survey Platform
-   Scripting and developing data collection tools
-   Setting/Implementing of EHR in the private Health sector
-   Monitoring and Evaluation of program/survey